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The Coffee Pot Book Club, founded in 2015 by award-winning blogger and international best-selling author, Mary Anne Yarde, has been helping authors, both traditionally and independently published, successfully market their books.

The Coffee Pot Book Club blog has had to date over 1 million page reads, and it has a very loyal readership – it even has its own fan club! With a Social Media reach of over 7 million, The Coffee Pot Book Club guarantees that your book will be seen by thousands.

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Angelina Kalahari, author of Breathing for Confidence.

Ellie Midwood

USA Today bestselling and award-winning Historical Fiction author.

“If you’re looking for editorial reviews for your novel, I would highly recommend Mary Anne Yarde’s services. She writes brilliant reviews, which are honest, reflect her personal view of the story, and are very detailed, which is always important to me as an author. I appreciated that while mentioning the plot she never gave away any spoilers yet at the same time highlighted the points which a potential reader would find compelling. Her analysis of the plot and the characters is spot-on and accurate and I really enjoyed the way she combined her personal feelings with literary analysis. I am one happy customer and I will definitely be back when my newest novel is out. Highly recommended!” 

Ellie Midwood, 

Anne O'Brien.jpg

Anne O'Brien

Sunday Times Bestselling author of Historical Fiction.

"All authors need reviews to spread the word. All authors need reviews that are professionally written with honesty, insight, and empathy. I cannot recommend Mary Anne Yarde's highly enough. Talented as a writer and blogger in her own right, she has gained a much deserved reputation for expert reviewing and promoting her reviews. Mary Anne's Editorial Review Package should be snapped up."


Anne O’Brien,

Tony Riches Author.jpg

Tony Riches

Author of the best-selling Tudor trilogy.

“As a full-time author, I'm happy to recommend The Coffee Pot Book Club Editorial Review Package as an effective way to raise awareness of your books and reach a wider readership.”


Tony Riches,

The Coffee Pot Book of the Year Award Winner 2020



A Novel Of The Tudor Court - Book 1

By Karen Heenan


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