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The Coffee Pot Book Club is excited to be working alongside BooksGoSocial to offer you some fabulous marketing deals.

Our Amazon Ads “Done For You” service is a breakthrough for authors. No more time wasted getting it all to work. Get our experts to boost your royalties. We have data from over 7,500 Amazon ad campaigns and know what works and what doesn’t with Amazon ads.

We use a proven Laser Targeting system to get you book sales at a low cost.

Prices start at $275.00

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To get the most out of your Amazon Ad campaign, The Coffee Pot Book Club recommends that your book should have at least 10 good reviews on Amazon UK or Amazon US and at least one editorial review.  An eye-catching cover and intriguing blurb is also a must.


Here is what one author said about our service: “I’m really pleased with the results and the response time at BooksGoSocial, their willingness to explain, and their customer service.  I also appreciate how measured they are as they ramp up spending my money on my ads,” Niki Danforth, Amazon author.

We have the experience of managing successful Amazon ads. We know what works. This experience helps us to ensure your book will sell.

And you will get free extra bonuses:

1. One FREE month on NetGalley at any time this year – $79 extra value.

2. or Four Weeks of Twitter promotion every day on 14 Twitter accounts – $79 extra value!

3. An optional Smart URL for your book + Amazon Store place – $25 value! This places your book in a genre page on Amazon which we run ads for and send people to with Twitter and email shots.

That’s $104 extra bonus value included for you.

We guarantee to get you results. If you are unhappy at any time we will refund any remaining unspent ad budget and provide proof for what has been spent on your book.

And, while we spend your budget there is nothing extra to pay until your budget is used up. This caps your advertising spend and allows you to sleep easy, without worrying about Amazon maxing out your credit card.

Below is a screenshot of a client whose daily sales doubled with our Amazon ads from 10 copies a day to 20. We can put you in contact with him too.

BGS 1.png

The Service

We have been managing ads on Amazon since 2015. Our service is built on years of tweaking and testing to see what works. Targeting your Amazon ads to the right books is key to success on Amazon. But doing that research is time-consuming. Managing the ads is time-consuming too. We are here to help you get book sales and save time.

We have upgraded our reporting too, so when you request it, you will get a graphical report on the spend and book sales related to all the Amazon ads we do for you.

We will also provide at the end of your ad period, and on request, a report on the search terms used to buy your book, and a suggested bidding strategy, so you can do your own Amazon ads in future, and use us as the testing ground to make sure you get it right if you want to take over the ad management.

You can also use our service to target users (UK & Ireland), where clicks are currently about half the price they are in the US! We will target readers interested in similar books to yours there too.

Most of our authors want to start by selling through Amazon U.S. This is also where we have the most test data.

We can target pre-releases and new releases in your genre to get your ads on those book pages before other authors. Our laser-targeted ads can help you make a real profit on your investment because of this.

Amazon ads are a critical part of modern author marketing campaigns.

Below is an example of an ad we are currently running for one of our authors. This ad is getting good sales and this type of report is what we will email you after your ads have started:

BGS 2.jpg

One author explains in 95 seconds why he uses us to manage his advertising:

Below is another example of profitable ad campaigns we are running on

BGS 3.jpg

Where Will My Ads Appear?

Your ads will appear on the book pages of popular books in your sub-genre on Amazon, in a strip of books labeled “SPONSORED PRODUCTS.”

Sponsored product ads work too. Most of the top independent authors are using them.

Other authors whose Amazon ads we have worked on include:

* Ginger Talbot, whose romance novels sell super well in the U.S.

* Richard Hummel, whose sci-fi novels sell super fast in the U.S.

* Leo Altshuler M.D., whose meditation books sell well in the U.S.

Catherine Kullmann, whose regency romance novels are doing great in the U.K.

John Pearce whose mystery novels are doing great on both the Amazon U.S. & U.K. sites.

* Mike Gomes, whose thrillers sell like by the truck-load in the U.S.

Amazon ads can make a big difference to your long-term sales success too.

We will also help you to get your book description right and help to get you reader reviews, if you need them, as we are an official NetGalley partner.

And if you take this service we will work with you to ensure your book is ready for Amazon ads.

But Can’t Authors Do Amazon Ads Themselves?


Yes, you can do your own Amazon ads, but you will have to:

* Learn ad strategy, bidding, keyword usage, and how to test and optimize your ads,

* You will need to monitor your ads daily to ensure they don’t waste money,

* You will need to take training courses and read books to learn Amazon ads and stay up to date,

But if you engage our ads team at BooksGoSocial you will get:

* Experts to ensure your keywords, bidding and ad strategy are right,

* A team working to get your ads and book presentation right,

* Analysts to monitor your ads, find successful keywords and target books and add variants to achieve more success using “broad,” “phrase” and “exact” keywords & the latest Amazon bidding adjustment options to accelerate sales. We use the latest Amazon ad options too, such as laser targeting new release books for your ad to appear alongside.

Our Goal

Our goal is to get you into profit within weeks of starting your ads.

That means you making more every month in royalties than you are spending on Amazon ads.

What You Get

We will:

+ Review your description, cover and reader reviews and suggest quick fixes.

+ Set up a series of ads on our Amazon US and/or UK sites (if requested) for your book/s.

+ Target the book pages of authors who write similar books and the book titles you want your ad to appear next to.

+ Set bids (what you pay per click) appropriate to your book pricing and adjust as needed.

+ Monitor all your ads on a daily basis to ensure we are heading quickly to profitability.

You can call us by Skype to request we screen share our Amazon ads interface without notice (M-F 9-5 GMT,) so that you can see your ads working.

A report can also be provided by email or telephone.



We will also:

+ Provide 4 free week of Tweets to our 746,377+ Twitter followers to help your book sales – $79 extra value,

+ or 1 month for your book on This is the #1 service for getting honest reader reviews in the United States – $79 extra value.

+ And an optional Smart URL for your book + Amazon Store place – $25 value! This places your book in a genre page on Amazon which we run ads for and send people to with Twitter and email shots.

That’s $104 extra bonus value included for you.

Amazon Ads FAQ

1. How do you compile the list of keywords? 

We have paid for KDP Rocket, Merchant Words and Helium 10 to build keyword lists and target book lists for our authors. We are happy to also use any of your suggested target books for your ads too!

2. Do authors approve the ad text/copy before they get posted on Amazon?

There is no ad copy to approve with the dashboard we get from Amazon. The upside is that you can create a descriptive subtitle for your ebook, which is allowed by Amazon. This is in effect your copy, and because it is in bold is arguably easier to read than other ad copy. We also get to create Amazon stores and we get Search Terms reports with our dashboard, which are big pluses.  

A good subtitle is more likely to be read and helps to ensure that only people interested in your type of book will click your ad, saving you money. 

Use of long subtitles for ebooks is developing as a result of the new Amazon ads dashboard we and publishers use.

3. How do you create an ad for someone else’s book?

Amazon Advertising has a dashboard that allows agencies to advertise any product. This is not the personal ads dashboard most authors get. We can show you this in a Skype video call where we share our screen.

4. Will you maintain the ads after the initial investment? What about the daily/monthly spend beyond the first two months? 

A $50 management fee per month will keep your ads running for additional months, with an extra ad each month to build on your sales success in the first two months. The first two months can be considered as a test to see if readers will buy your books in large numbers, enabling you to continue these ads. 

After your initial budget is spent you will also have to top up your budget. You can decide how much to top up by depending on the results of the first budget spend.

5. If, for example, I choose the $350 option how does it work? 

You will get two months of management and a budget of $175 to be spent at Amazon on ads by BooksGoSocial. The other $175 is the initial set up and management fee.

If it takes longer than two months to spend your budget we charge no extra management fee until the budget is spent. If the budget is spent sooner we charge no extra management fee on an additional top-up to your budget until two months have passed.

6. Is there a price for updating book descriptions? 

We can update your book description for free. Sometimes a light editing is all that is needed, other times a full rewrite.

7. Do you guarantee results? 

We guarantee that your book will be seen by hundreds of thousands of readers interested in your genre. We guarantee to advertise your book on Amazon continuously for 2 months. We guarantee to provide advice on how to improve how your book is presented on Amazon. We are the #1 global advertising agency for books. We find readers for every type of book, every day.  

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